As Brand teetered at the edge of the Abyss, with Deirdre his hostage and Caine's arrows protruding from uncomfortable places, he resolved not to die alone. In his final act of defiance, he cause the Jewel of Judgement to detonate, ending the lives of those gathered at the rim of the Abyss in a brilliant flash of red.

Thus ended the Patternfall War. The Courts of Chaos surrendered, Gerard was crowned king of Amber, and he and those that remained did their best to carry on.

But the destruction of the Jewel brought about more than the deaths of a good chunk of Amber's royal family. It sent a shockwave through the universe that battered down ancient barriers few even knew existed, paving the way for an evil that has lain in wait since the beginning of time. A force for which even the Logrus stands as a symbol of Order.

Now, that evil threatens to tear creation asunder and claim Amber, Chaos and all that lies between for its own. The people of Amber and Chaos must stand against it with the help of a mysterious race, a resurrected prince, and the machine that turns the universe.