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Once a formless being of energy, he was the first creature to become self-aware, thus changing the universe and the lives of his fellow creatures forever. He set in motion events that later resulted in the introduction of Order and form, and constructed a machine of substance and magic that maintained them.

See The Tale of Adram.


Chieftain of the Lokapala (Gray) Kanai and Prince Benedict's true father.


A college history professor on Shadow Earth and father of Florimel's son, Aaron.


Princess Florimel's faithful valet for the last forty years. For a time, no one really knew where he'd come from, and most (including his mistress) assumed that he was from the Courts of Chaos. He is, however, the Chieftain of the Sudarsana (Red) Kanai and a creature second in age only to Adram.


A foreign ambassador (and former pirate) sent to Rebma from Amaryll, an aquatic Golden Circle city seeking recognition as an independent nation.


The same old Florimel, changed very little by the death of Oberon and a good chunk of her siblings. She is in charge of the palace staff, and deeply involved in anything that may influence the way the family and Amber herself are seen by others. She also acts, on occasion, as an ambassador to the Courts of Chaos, as it is no secret that King Swayvil has a great deal of, ahem, fondness for her.


Second-in-command of Arden's Rangers.


King of Amber since the end of the Patternfall War. Greatly sobered by the loss of his brothers and sisters, he threw himself into his role as ruler. He has rebuilt what was destroyed during the conflict with Chaos and helped secure the peace between the two kingdoms as well as granting treaties and trade agreements to several that lie between them. As a tribute to his siblings' sacrifice, he had statues of each of them erected in Amber City so that no one would forget at what price the peace was purchased.


What remains of Prince Benedict and all of his brothers and sisters killed on the rim of the Abyss. Given the ultimate power by Adram, he now lives for the sole purpose of protecting it and keeping it out of the hands of Adram's ancient enemies.

See The Tale of Adram.


Hidden away in Arden since after the war, he rarely emerges but for brief visits with the king or Fiona's daughter, Desdemona.


Took over rulership of Rebma when her sister Moire stepped down and has since turned it into less a reflection of Amber than a kingdom in its own right.


Left an orphan after the war, he has spent most of his time roaming Shadow, returning, on occasion, to visit his family in Rebma.


Thanks to Brand, he never got to meet his father, and the fact that he came so close has always haunted him. His dual heritage earned him a place at the peace proceedings following the war, and once the peace was cemented, he was named the Courts' Ambassador to Amber.


The flirtatious, blue-skinned daughter of a visiting dignitary. She has made a few friends among the cousins and the Chaosians alike, and dreams of being allowed to stay in Amber when her father returns home.


Son of Desdemona. Born and raised literally overnight, he is somewhat naive and uncertain when it comes to dealings with other folks.


A longtime drinking buddy of Caine and Gerard, and lieutenant of the palace guard.


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