Philo & Berkeley


Philo is the eldest of Oberon's children, born years before the others and gone walkabout in Shadow before most of them were around.  Always easily sidetracked, he wound up spending a great deal of time away from home, attracted most to modern places and ordinary life, preferably where there are shopping malls, movie theaters, and most importantly, comic book stores.  

Philo's love for comics led to the discovery of his one and only serious talent -- the creation of Trumps.  His style, however, is far from the classic portrait painting used in the traditional set.  It depicts each member of the family as a comic book superhero, often in a fashion that says something about them -- or at least what he thinks about them.  There are a few he's hoping Dad never sees.

His other obsession is the cinema.  However obscure the film, chances are Philo and Berke have seen it.  Notable, well-dug films include the Star Wars series; the first two Batman movies; Smokey and the Bandit and Jaws.  If a situation can possibly contain a movie analogy or reference, they'll find it.

His constant companion is Berkeley, a buddy who chose to join him in his travels.  They've been together for so long that Berkeley has been affected by his passage through Shadow to the point that he can now travel on his own.  Not that it much matters because the two are rarely separated.  So often are they seen together that in fact most of the family isn't even sure which is which.


TRUMPS (coming soon)