Pete's got a medical kit. That's a given. Morphene, suturing supplies, antibiotics, painkillers, Krazy Glue, burn gels, bandages, basic surgical much as he can cram into a small space.

Don Gugliotti insisted that Peter carried a gun when on family business. When Pete told him he didn't own a gun, the Don had Mike pick one up for him. Mike chose a Beretta (big shock) 92FS, stainless steel, 15-round magazine. The family even paid for marksmanship courses, which Peter has excelled at.

Mike had a liking for steel and nickel-plated weapons. "You's can't ride shotgun without havin' a shotgun," he told Peter when he presented him with a twelve gauge Winchester 1300 Stainless Marine shotgun.

He currently drives around in a blue 1953 Buick Skylark, a project he is slowly working on.

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