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Once the fairest city of them all, the crown jewel of Kolvir has been transformed by the struggle amongst her most famous children into a pale reflection of her former glory.  The closing of trade routes by Golden Circle nations friendly to the warring factions and constant harassment of merchants in the shipping lanes have weakened the economy and life in the Eternal City has grown more difficult with each passing year.   Those who remain either lack the means to leave or have strong ties to land, home, business or family.  

There is no king in Amber and while Prince Benedict performs the functions of regent he has not officially taken the title.  Lacking the Jewel of Judgment -- which disappeared along with Oberon -- he has no control over Amber's physical environment and over time it has become more and more obvious exactly how strongly Oberon had asserted his will on the place during his days as king.  The weather varies little and within Amber proper there are now only two seasons.  Raining and Raining Even Harder.  

Court is held only occasionally, sponsored not by the royal family, but hosted and attended by Amber's upper crust.   The only gatherings held now in the royal palace are periodic peace conferences between the warring parties, which thus far have yielded no results. 

A newly founded Golden Circle kingdom.  Or rather, one that has only recently been recognized.  It began life as a pair of broken-masted pirate ships moored together and anchored out at sea.  The ships' original crews fled, but it fast became a curiosity and stopping point for pirates passing between the shipping lanes where they plied their trade and the far-off places where they sold off the results.  Over time, more crippled ships were added along with wooden platforms, small shacks and rope bridges until it was no less than a floating city.  

The city -- named for the first sexual encounter of its unofficial ruler ("Dirty" Pete Wyler) -- evolved, as cities often do, eventually becoming more than a haven for passing pirates.  It is a place for them to retire.  With a loose governmental system and a set of simple laws, the city has flourished into a kingdom that has ties to both Amber and Rebma. 

Avalon is a picturesque Shadow resembling Arthur's literary realm, complete with sprawling forests, majestic mountains and sparkling lakes.  Corwin's very own home away from...severe beatings at the hands of Bleys, Eric and Benedict.  Avalon is where Corwin masses his armies before marching on his ancestral home in a thus far vain attempt to wrest control away from Benedict, whom he often refers to as "That son-of-a-bitch who doesn't want the goddamned  throne, anyway".  

One of the first kingdoms to sign a treaty and form trade agreements with Amber.  While they continue to be sympathetic to Prince Benedict's cause, they are far too small a nation to oppose the forces of the warring princes that surround Amber.  

A mountainous Golden Circle kingdom that shares a border with Amber.  It was annexed by Benedict's forces just after the start of the war and is now ruled by his former lieutenant, Avery Locke.  It serves as a buffer between Amber and her attackers, home to a sizeable army able to block any advances along the direct route to the Eternal City.

Another tiny kingdom caught amidst the clash of titans.   Once friendly to Amber, their government has little time for anything but self-defense, holding together the tattered remnants of the kingdom with the hope that it will survive to see an end to the fighting.

Mayenne serves as a staging point for Eric's attacks on Amber and her allies.   He won over the ruling body with extravagant gifts and promises of wealth and power for all once he sits firmly on the throne of Amber.  Mayenne has aided Eric for nearly a century with men, supplies, and weapons, sorely taxing themselves in order to stay in his good graces.   

Home of Bleys and gathering point for the forces with which he's badgered, harassed and sideswiped the competition for the last two hundred years.  It's an enormous Shadow with few approaches, all of which require one to pass through narrow, heavily guarded canyons and valleys.  Bleys has not taken over rulership of the kingdom, though he does enjoy a close relationship with the queen, Malia Cassander.  

Not so much a kingdom of its own as a shadowy reflection of Amber.  Those who mount the steps to the Tir on moonlit nights are faced with waking dreams, surrounded by an endless parade of familiar, washed-out faces and treated to visions that may have great import on their lives...or mean absolutely nothing at all. 

With Oberon's disappearance it quickly became obvious to Prince Julian that the torch could not be passed in Amber without major chances of the kingdom being burned to the ground.  So he withdrew himself from the impending fray and founded the kingdom of Arden. 

The first inhabitants were Julian's men, Rangers, as well as a few indigenous folk who wandered out of the wood to join them.  More and more were drawn from throughout the forest territories and soon a small gathering of buildings that had served as barracks and guard post became a village, a town, and finally the splendor that is Craobh Beatha.

Arden is a loosely knit and casually governed kingdom which consists of every part of the forest and spans several Shadows.  All is overseen by King Julian, though there are many cultures governed by their own laws and customs.  Provided that none of this causes harm to other inhabitants or the forest itself, the king is content to let them be.  The formation of the kingdom, and particularly its capital has had another effect as well.  The route to Amber through Arden is effectively closed to invading forces.  No matter how great their determination to have the throne, no one is willing to challenge Julian on his own ground.

Some folk, like the enigmatic Deep Tribes, have chosen not to become part of any organized society. There is peace between Julian's Arden and the indigenous people which have decided not to join them.