Krishna is the youngest of eleven children born to Nalyssa of Arundhati, granddaughter of the House Arundhati’s founder and one of the chosen few reserved from marriage so that all of her offspring would belong to House Arundhati. His father is Prince Brand of Amber.

Though he is much sought after as a husband, it is his skill as a negotiator that is most valued by his House.   His voice is soothing, his mind is quick and he is beautiful even for an Arundhati.  He is gently persuasive and so skilled in the art of flirting that many a marriage contract has been sealed by household heads flattered by his attentions.  On rare occasions he is called upon to use his more physical talents in order to secure an important marriage for a client.   Though he prefers spoken negotiations, they don’t refer to him as “silver-tongued” for that reason alone.

He is often contracted by noble houses to instruct their young daughters in the Ways of Love, the Courts’ version of the Kama Sutra.  He is also a novice creator of Trumps.

Krishna is rarely seen without his favorite piece of living jewelry, a golden-skinned cobra named Vasuki.


The matchmakers of Chaos, often acting as messengers, negotiators and brokers for Houses seeking favorable marriages for their siblings, children, or even the Lords and Ladies of the House.

Renowned for their beauty, intelligence and mild manner, they are also known for producing much sought-after mates as well.  Each member of the house is taught from infancy proper etiquette, multiple languages and customs, domestic responsibilities, mediation and self-defense.  They can discuss intelligently nearly anything from flower arrangement to battlefield tactics and can decide when the time is right for either.  In order to be proper mates, they are also well versed in the bedroom arts. On a similar note, ladies of the court who wish neither a husband nor long-term male companionship of any kind can acquire the "services" of a son of Arundhati for a price.

Most Arundhatis have not a large, clawed and scaled demon-form but one resembling the gods of India, with skin from pale blue to black and multiple arms.  Even the men have long hair, which is often worn in a single braid, or tucked beneath an ornate headdress.  Their dress often consists of more jewelry than cloth, and most favor gold over silver.  Their coloring often favors their non-Arundhati parent, but all are stamped with the features that distinguish them from all other Houses.