The son of Florimel and an unknown father, Leland is the one true Bookworm of which all others are but Shadow.

Flora has coddled him since childhood and has done her best to instill in him a wariness of the outside world.  His sheltered youth left him extremely interested in learning about what he was missing -- if one were to look up the phrase "curiosity killed the cat", there would be a big picture of Lee in a chalk outline right next to it.  

As long as anyone can remember, he's spent most of his time in the library, reading everything he can get his hands on.  When anyone goes into Shadow, he is sure to ask if they can bring him back a book when they return.  His room is lined with them and he's read each one, some more than once (with the exception of the small, ever-present "to do" pile on his desk).  His favorite fictions are crime/suspense novels, particularly those of James Ellroy. 

Lee is a casual know-it-all, not given to advertising his intelligence but not above making others look foolish.  He knows how to do just about everything -- at least in theory  -- and he's always happy to share his knowledge, often to the annoyance of those he's chosen to favor with his wisdom. 

He has an interest in the workings of the universe and since walking the Pattern has set himself to learning all he can about it.  A great deal of his time is spent trying to disprove the notion that reality cannot be easily molded close to Amber.  An avid student of sorcery, he enjoys the constant study and upkeep that most find intolerably boring.  Leland has also experimented with telekinesis, choosing to think of it as just another manipulation of reality and in his spare time he tries often, with some success, to make it work.

Leland's Spellbook