"The future ain't what it used to be."
"If the world were perfect, it wouldn't be."
"When you come to a fork in the road...take it."
"If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up some place else."
Yogi Berra


Romeo leafs quite a full life. From training Julian's hell hounds, to keeping bees and making liquor, to running a restaurant in Craobh Beatha that is quite a hit.


Romeo lives in a modest cabin, close enough to the city to hear the alarm bell in case of some calamity, but far enough away to be considered "in the middle of nowhere."

A few acres of land were cleared for Romeo to build his home, and the fallen wood was used to create the cabin and most of the furniture it holds.

Comfortable chairs sit on the front porch, while a large rope hammock (big enough for 4) sits on the back porch.

The cabin's double doors open to reveal a large main room.  On the far right wall is a large fireplace, while the stairs leading upstairs and the door to the guest room are on the left.  Several large plush chairs, a matching couch, and a rug made of a large black cat skin occupy the main room.  Most of the furniture is made of fallen logs, it would seem, and wood abounds in the decor.  Beyond the main room is a roomy functional kitchen.

The guest bedroom is small, but comfortable.  A stained wood bed (queen), wardrobe, night tables, and full length mirror make up the furniture, while paintings from nearby artists adorn the walls.

Upstairs, there is one main loft room with a large closet and bathroom.  Curtains hang from the load bearing posts, creating a sitting room overlooking the main room, and a comfortable bedroom.  The furnishings upstairs are a bit nicer, with
a dresser, a wardrobe, a desk and chair, and a large bed utilizing heavy fabric hung from a ring in the ceiling to create a canopy.

There is also a good-sized cellar beneath the building.

See a floor plan of the place.


Romeo runs the secondary hound kennel and training facility.  While Julian does the majority of the hound and horse training, Romeo trains whatever excess Julian cannot handle. In theory, Romeo would assist Julian in training of both hounds and horses in preparation for war.

He has built a large, comfortable little compound for the hounds, complete with individual sleeping areas, for the hounds, plus a large paddock for training and exercise.  The compound sits between the beehives and the clover and blueberry fields, so the bees flying to and from the fields will not bother the dogs.


Romeo runs “The Blue Clover,” his label of liquor. He currently offers a Mead (Blue Clover Mead), a Honey and Molasses Vodka (Vodka Impérial), a Honey Liqueur (Blau Klee Honigvasser), and a Honey Wheat beer (Wild Boar Brew). He has a rather large operation of bees, which forage in fields of clover and blueberries a little ways behind his home.


Romeo owns and operates “The Elysian Vineyard” Restaurant. The particular patch of land this vineyard was built on was no good for grapes, so the owner sold it off for new development. Romeo bought the vineyard building itself, however, loving its character. The building is comfortable with deep, rich woods and stained glass windows displaying pastoral scenes throughout. The enormous wine vats have remained; archways cut into them so they serve as small private rooms for eight to ten person tables. The wine list is the envy of the kingdom, sporting some two thousand different labels.