How we got here...

THE BATTLE OF EVERMORE takes place nearly a century after the end of the Patternfall War. Amber just hasn't been the same after the assassination of King Random and his son, Martin. The forty or so years since then have been trying at times.

Gerard's ascension was embraced by the people, though Devayani, Queen of Chaos, was less than enthralled. His public denouncement of Devayani for her part in King Merlin's murder was nearly the start of the second Patternfall War. Relations with Chaos are tense, at the very least.

The sins of his past forgiven by the King, Bleys serves as Ambassador to Chaos. His record as liaison is unblemished (as is his wardrobe) and he has worked hard to nurture and grow the fragile peace that exists.

Corwin was somewhat distraught by his son's demise. He sought solace in his new universe, though he returns to Amber more often now since his Pattern-verse collapsed. "Corwin's Storm," a permanent shadow storm, still wanders Shadow.

At home, Prince Julian tends to his Rangers and the defenses of Amber as the Minister of Defense. Benedict has, as always, kept his distance from dealing with the family. Instead, he prefers the freedom and simplicity life in Shadow provides, thus leaving the burden of Amber's defense on Julian's shoulders.

Fiona remains constant, researching her craft and playing the family's game as Minister of Sorceries... a position she convinced Random was necessary but that Gerard has not had reason to remove.

Florimel's position of Mistress of Protocol and Head Seneschal are not formal, but since she performs these duties, Gerard decided to honor her for her (ahem) relative loyalty.

Llewella remains the mystery, acting as Queen Moire's Minister of State.


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