by Doyce Testerman

The Problem:

There are only four stats in Amber, and as such, they have a tendency, in my mind, to be stretched too far. Warfare, surely a useful skill, governs everything from chess, fencing, tactics, grand stratagems, and even martial arts techniques by some people's definitions. And that's just one of the stats.

The rule I use (influenced by the interaction of the four stats in the diceless system Everway) is that no stat exists in a vacuum. Every activity has one major stat that influences the outcome, and one stat that influences it to a lesser degree. I'm going to try to give an example of all the possible (or at least likely) interactions:

Swordplay Warfare + (Strength/2) Makes Gerard (with, say, a warfare of 50 but a Strength of 200) much more formidable, as he comes out a with a very respectable point total.
Tactics Warfare + (Psyche/2) Makes Brand a serious threat to everyone, except maybe Benedict, and still gives old Benny a run for the money.
Psyche Finesse Psyche + (Warfare/2) Used for determining success of psyche/power/spell attacks. or Chess/etc -- As anyone who spars/duels/plays RPG's can attest, the Chess environment does take a different mindset than the battlefield.
Brute Psyche Psyche + (Strength/2) Put that huge battery of body fitness to use! I use this as a basis for how much damage spells and other blasts of offensive energy will do to the target, as well as for tests of willpower once psychic contact is established.
Hand-to-Hand Strength + (Warfare/2) Put some oomf into arguments that high Warfare gives good hand-to-hand techniques, but still lets Gerard remain the (very) Big-Dog at the top of the heap.
Strength Finesse Strength + (Psyche/2) I've heard some good suggestions for this, most notably in tasks like rock climbing, hang-gliding, and other situations where a person's physical power needs to be applied with a little control.


Complied by, you guessed it,  Doyce Testerman

Explanations for each tier can be read by clicking on the main power name.



[15] Imprint
    [5] Shadowwalk to objects/shadows of desire/intangibles/people
        [5] Hellride to Objects/Use Royal Way 
        [5] Hellride Shadow of Desire/intangibles/people 
    [5] Manipulate Probability 
    [5] Summon the Sign of the Pattern 
        [5] Pattern Defense (internalize Sign) 
        [5] Track Shadowwalker 


[5] Imprint:  Mindwalk the Summoned Sign
    [5] Scrying Lens
        [5] Teleport
            [5] Shadow Pockets 
                [5] Edit/Mold/Erase/Gate Shadow
                    [5] Search with the Lens


[15] Imprint:/Summon the Sign of the Logrus
    [5] Logrus Sight  (through Sign)  
    [5] Summon/Control Tendrils of the Logrus
        [10] Tendril Magic
        [5] Shadow Travel
        [5] Logrus Defense
            [5] Shadowmastery
                [5] Mold Shadow
            [5] Logrus Tendril Servants
            [5] Summon and Bind Creatures of Chaos (1hr/pt)
            [5] Summon Primal Chaos


[20] Basic shifting to Known/Basic Forms.
    [5] Automatic Shift/Primal Form
        [5] Shift Wounds
        [5] Shape Shift Features/Body Parts
            [5] Shift Anatomy and Structure, Acquire Forms Abilities
                [5] Absorb and Eject Mass
                    [5] Creatures of Blood
            [5] Shift Persona
            [5] Shift Aura
            [5] Shape Shift Others


[15] Trump Sketches
    [10] Novice Trump
        [15] Create Trump


[5] Trump Memory
    [5] Trump Deception
    [5] Quick Transport
        [5] Quick Activation/Quick Sketch
            [5] Instant Activation 


(Trump Artists earn a free Trick for every level of Artistry they purchase)
 For the non-Trump Artist, the price is listed below)
    [5] Sensing Trump
    [5] Trump Defense
    [5] Trump Caller Identification


(All of these tricks require Trump Artistry or training, unlike basic tricks)
    [5] Trump Blackout
    [5] Trump Jamming
        [5] Trump Redirect
    [5] Trump Spying
        [5] Trump Security/Subterfuge
            [5] Bypass Call Refuse
        [5] Trump Gate


[5] Magickal Potential
    [1 each] Power Words
    [5] Basic Sorcery Components
        [5] Advanced Sorcery Components
            [5] Spell Rack
                [3] Personal Spell
                [2] Bestow Spell
    [5] Basic Item Conjuration/Empowerment
        [5] Complex Conjuration
            [5] True Conjuration
                [10] Advanced Powers and Qualities
                [5] Item Analysis
                [5] High Compelling

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