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Shortly after refusing his siblings' request for aid in their bid to rule Amber, Brand fled the Eternal City and vanished for several years.  When he reappeared it was in Arden as a humble citizen of Craobh Beatha, the capital city.  Though he often serves as Julian's advisor, he has politely refused any sort of formal position within the kingdom.  He is a poet and a sorcerer, with both arts much affected by his time in the forest and the company of those who dwell there.

Captain of the Rangers, he is steadfastly devoted to the service of king and country.  He's a bit young for a commanding officer but his raw ability and commanding air leave little doubt as to why Julian picked him for the job.   He's a bit stiff for a man of Arden, though he usually manages to loosen up come festival time


Julian's only son, the result of the king's overzealous performance at the first Spring Festival held in Arden the year of its founding.   He's a bit darker in mood than his charming sister, though neither angry nor sullen.  He's a bit like nature, alternately kind or cruel as he sees fit.  Holli disappears into the forest for weeks, sometimes months at a time, often returning with the skins, claws, horns or teeth of strange creatures, which he hangs in or about his small, simple dwelling outside of town.  

Beautiful, good natured and soft spoken, Ivy is the middle of Julian's three children.  She is a skilled potter and sculptor and runs her own small shop in Craobh Beatha's arts district.  Her sunny disposition is unwavering and infectious.


Once Arden's defender, he is now it's king, ruling over a large but close-knit forest community that spans several Shadows.  He is adored by his subjects, if not by his siblings, most of whom look upon his kingdom as a refuge for misfits and an escape from his true responsibility.  Nevertheless, all know better than to try and take him on in his home territory.  He puts in only a rare appearance in Amber, often to help maintain the peace at the infrequent family summits atop mount Kolvir.  Even more renowned than his even-handed and benevolent rule of Arden are the festivals held there -- grand affairs that last for several days.  See Places: Arden for a list of festivals.

Tall, blond and dread-locked, Justin is a member of Arden's vast and colorful artistic community.  He is a musician and apprentice instrument maker, and when he's not performing in one of the local taverns he can usually be found playing on street corners with a group of his peers.


Long absent from the arena of family politics, Benedict was unaware of the extent to which the conflict between his brothers had grown.  When the search for Oberon was officially called off, he returned to Amber to find the family divided and gearing up for an all-out war for the throne.  Seeking to preserve his father's kingdom, he called his forces to Amber, ousting the warring factions and establishing himself as Amber's defender.  Ever since, he has remained in Amber, foiling the attempts of the others to take the throne by force.

Bleys has made an impressive showing in the battle for the throne using the Golden Circle Shadow of Montmorillon as his gateway into Amber. He has not, however, entered the fray without a sense of humor, acting more as spoiler to Eric and Corwin's efforts than truly advancing his own cause.  His true intentions remain unclear.


Few want to see the end of the fighting more than Caine.  Commander of Amber's Northern Fleet, he resents the responsibility of constantly defending Amber from attacks by sea and yearns for his former life as a swashbuckler and rake, when he had a girl in every port and concerned himself mostly with the port in every girl.  


Long before Oberon's disappearance, Corwin and Eric were involved in a raging contest of one-up-manship.  Even as he searched through Shadow for his missing father, Corwin began to amass an army, concealing it in his Shadow of Avalon.  His plan had been to march straight into Amber and plant himself on the throne once it was established that Oberon was truly lost, not so much to satisfy his own ambition as to keep it from Eric.  Unfortunately, he wasn't the only one with that idea.

It surprised no one that Deirdre sided with Corwin and in fact most suspect that she had already done so before the collective shit began to hit the fan. She thrives on conflict, making no secret of her fondness for negative situations and has thrown herself headlong into the task of putting Corwin on the throne of Amber. 


Despite the fact that he was never formally acknowledged as a Prince of Amber, Eric made no secret of his intention to someday inherit the throne from Oberon.  Too bold was he in his assertions, however, since many immediately looked to him as the reason behind Oberon's sudden and mysterious disappearance, a charge which he emphatically denies.  Far from his goal, he remains unwelcome in the kingdom he believes should be his own, staging frequent attacks from the nearby Golden Circle kingdom of Mayenne.

Though most would assume that Fiona had joined in Bleys' bid for the throne, some suspect that it may be the other way around.  It was Fiona's sorcery that opened new paths through Shadow into Amber once the way through Arden was closed. 


Working for Eric's cause, she has spent much of her time at court in the kingdoms of the Golden Circle, gathering information and allies.  Ever adept at coming out a winner, Flora has found herself waiting far too long for results and lately has come to resent her choice.  She fears, however, that there is no place for her elsewhere among her siblings, and so she remains by Eric's side.


Constant and dutiful, Gerard commands the Southern Fleet of Amber's Royal Navy, policing trade routes and doing what he can to cut off supplies to his over ambitious siblings. When the conflict began he was certain that those involved would come to their senses before long and end it peacefully.  200 years later his only hope is that they will all survive long enough to see it done.  


Formerly Amber's juvenile delinquent and resident homicidal little fink, Random has allied himself with Corwin and Deirdre.  His role in events has not been a very active one and seems motivated less by support for Corwin than by fear and distrust of everyone else. 



The princess of Rebma prefers to remain firmly uninvolved in family politics. However, the recent mining of Amber's waters and the constant harassment of allies near Amber's shipping lanes have forced her and the queen to act.  Their efforts are not intended to aid either Amber or those who seek to invade it, but rather focus on the defense of their own kingdom. 



Once second-in-command of Benedict's army, he now commands a formidable force of his own as the ruler of the kingdom of Haversham.   Put in place to block a direct route into Amber, he knew little of what it took to be a king, but he has learned over time, winning over the conquered inhabitants of his land and even managing to sway them to his former general's cause.


CAER DANAE (Land of the Fae)

AURELIA Queen of the playful -- often too playful -- Mayim tribe.  They live in a permanent settlement in the heart of their territory, a land that consists almost entirely of solid forest.  The structure of their tribe is informal, though everyone is expected to do their share when it comes to supporting the tribe.  Despite their childish size and nature, they are skilled hunters and warriors.  Aurelia herself changes both her moods and her physical form with the seasons, the weather, the phases of the moon, or sometimes on a whim, which makes her more than a little bit unpredictable. 

RADHA Queen of the Derechim, a nomadic band of faerie who often travel as a flock of colorful birds, which, in addition to getting them quickly to their destination -- though they rarely have one in mind -- also provides them ample opportunity to express their opinion about anyone walking beneath them.  They are not territorial, allowing neighboring tribes to pass through their lands and sometimes venturing out of their own boundaries.  They are a curious and friendly people, unlikely to take sides or even join in any conflict.

TITANIA  Unlike the others her kingdom is rigidly structured, with a written set of laws and punishments for breaking them.  Her rule, however, is not unreasonable, and her people are happy and well cared-for. The "center" of her kingdom is a palace with tall, ornate spires and walls of stone and hammered silver.  Each morning, the palace vanishes when touched by the sun's light, only to reappear somewhere else in the kingdom  -- though not necessarily on the ground -- when night falls again.