"Simonides calls painting silent poetry, and poetry speaking painting."
Plutarch. Whether the Athenians were more Warlike or Learned.


Romeo's Trump is simple enough.  He stands in his beloved Arden, her majestic trees climbing towards the heavens.  He stands before them, gazing into the distance, hastily pulling on a maroon shirt.  His beard his neatly trimmed, his brown hair long and a little wild, his eyes squinting in the sun.

The drawing was done by Brand on one of his visits to Romeo's cabin.  As they spoke of mead and poetry and whatever else struck them, a noise caught Romeo's attention.  He pulled on a shirt and went off to investigate.  It was only a deer, but the image struck a chord in Brand.  He spent the day at the cabin, furiously working on the piece. By dinner, it was done.